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In holidays....

I'm just having a short one week period of holidays and we are at my parent's house.

Gabriel and Rafael, and their mother, are at the terrace, enjoying a still smalll stripe of shadow that, naturally, will be increasing as the afternoon goes on.

It's still too hot and too sunny for anyone to be at the pool, so, it's a waiting time.

I'm here, in the other room, where I connected both computers and using the time to try to catch up with my LJ reading.

The thing that costs me most, on these last months is that I haven't had enough time to keep timelly updated with what has been hapenning here in LJ land, specialy with my friends page.

At work I have alredy assembled the new set of machines that are going to be the new servers (10 x DL360-G3) and have already reorganized the whole disposition of them to divide them by the two rack cabinets we now have for them. Everything already prepared for our change of instalations 6 to 7 months from now.
And, when I return; i have awaiting a month full of hard work to migrate the servers from the old machines to the new ones, finish the migration of the mail accounts still on oasis (the oldest of the machines) to the new andromeda, restruct the whole core network, change ALL more that 200 computers, print servers, etc from the network where they are now to the new network where they will be, while the headquarters don't move to the new building, etc.

It's a LOT of work but I'm happy.
Without the unavoidable surprises that arrise from details that can't be totally antecipated because we are only human and forget sometimes little but important details how things were made years ago, everything as gone without to much surprises.

And with the new infrastructure I'll have much more resources to implement a number of new things, have finaly redundance in all the firewalls (internal and external), have the possibility to have a double set of machines running antivirus software in MAIL, WWW and FTP traffic, etc.

So, here, while doing some remote monitoring of the servers, I'm using the time to prepare and detail technical information on how the changes are going to be implemented in September.

On another front, seems that I'll be going for a crucial change in my life;
If everything goes well, I'm going to buy a new house that have 2,5 times the area of the one I do have now.
It's an investiment fo life, I know. Getting a loan to be paid in, let us say, 30 years, I'll have it totaly payied when I'm 68!.
But the only thing that might make me not to buy it would be for not having the loan.

I don't know how it is in other countries but here, from what I saw already, I endup with differences of more that � 100 (more or less $100) from the bank with the lowest and the highest value....

It will be quitte hard, at the begining but I'm trying to buy the new one without having to seel the one I have now...
In the long run, it is the best option, both in value and in options.

So I just wish the Gods wish me good luck!

And, already on work subject, we were struck pretty hard by the W32/Sobig.F and although I had one of the servers choked on the volume of the mail (on the weekend it become spaceless for mailboxes and also for the mailqueue -- almost 1 Gbyte of queued mail for addresses in and outside that weren't accepting mail -- inside because the mailbox partition was full of cleaned virus messages but that still were using the message space and outside because a large number of messages weren't being delivered either because their address as unexistent or was actively denying the reception of the mail), everything else worked and didn't fail.

I've been increasing the strength and redundance of the infrastructure, specially in what comes to the access to the Internet, over the last 2 years and I am very happy that finally I'm having the resources to implement it with machines buit to be servers and not just the old PCs running linux.....

Don't get me wrong, though....
The new servers also run Linux!

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