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Teaching.... by example!

Yesterday I think I gave Gabriel a lesson.

At the afternoon I picked up Rafael and my wife as she had to be at a store before 19h 00 to get something she had ordered.

As the way we took passed near Gabriel's school, and was by then 18h30m, we decided to pass there and pick him up to avoid the need to go forth and back and, at the same time, we would pick him up from school a little earlier than usual.

When I arrive there, I could realise that something had happened as we was being stubborn and saying that wouldn´t pick up what he had thrown on the floor.
I asked him to get ready to come with me and his answer was that he didn't wanted to come.

So, after asking a few times and kept receiving the same answer, and as I couldn't wait longer nor didn't wanted to get into an argument with him, an idea passed by my head and I said to him and others there I would come to pick him up latter.

From what I could recall, latter, that was something he didn't expected I would do!
And in fact, might have been the most effective thing I could do.

He is quite inteligent and does try to use what he know from the persons arround him and the situations in order to get his own will ahead.
But if I don't cut that, from the start, we will never learn how to use that ability and the responsability that comes from there.

And the way he is, I'll be only doing something quite harmfull to him, on the long run.

So far, in all these battles, he has always lost.
And he will continue to loose as far as I can be a step ahead from him.
One day he will, eventualy, be smarter then I and will be able to fool me. I just hope I manage to have done my part properlly and by that day he'll be able to use his capacities wisely and properly and to the benefit of others and not just in his own benefit...

Time will tell, anyway....

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