António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Finally, "white smoke" has come out....

The decision was not any of the original proposition but a "compromise solution" arranged for an agreement.
Anyway, I think that although I don't agree with the way things were developed I voted in favor as it was a negotiated agreement.
I said today, after that proposal had been presented, that if everyone else voted in favor I would vote in favor also or otherwise I would remain neutral.

So, lets see how it goes from here....

Another thing lefted me really happy; I managed to put working the CGI interface to Isearch. So, a whole new set of possibilities is now open!

The CGI, in itself, doesn't apear to have all the possibilities I would like to format the output HTML for the search results, but is already a giant step in the right direction!
And I also started the first drafts for a specification to define HTML templates for CGIs and web pages. The template will define the HTML layout, a CCS will define styles, and THTML (Template Hyper Text Markup Language) tags will define where the dynamic elements will be, which will be expanded while the template is beeing processed to produce the final HTML pages to be delivered to the browser via the WEB server.

Another victory is that version 0.024 of my 4th-HTML is already debuged and the test CGIs work.
It has still some known limitations (that I know of) but can already be used for some CGI writting!
So, time permiting, a number of things will start appearing quite soon, I think....

I must rest a little although I have here lots of things to do.
But my angel and my beloved has gone to rest and I'll do the same as I'm really tired.

Good sleep and good dreams in the voyage to the World of Dreams to you all!

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