António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Oracle on Linux...

I did it! I did it! I did it!

And on a Mandrake 9 with Oracle 8.1.7!.... (an unsopported combination!...) :-))

One one understands what's really going on and what it is expected from Oracle's Installer its not all that hard.
The problems go arround the way the required JRE (1.1.18) is tied to a specific set of libraries (glibc 2.1).
Why it wasn't done using shared libraries, well that goes beyond me, entirely!

Anyway, not only athena is running the Oracle client as the whole set of servers and intermediate networks are already taking shape.
The only not so "friendly" thing is that now htere is not onlt one server anymore... Mail servers are, right now, 5, each with it's specific function either in the incoming or on the outgoing mail path.

But the whole structure is much more robust (no more a single computer failure brings the whole down, although there are some macheines more critical than others), and much, much more flexible.

And also secure, althought I still need to put is under a real test to see what holds and what breakes.

But now that I managed to know who to install Oracle on Linux, all the internal servers will have the Oracle client.
It's not my prefered database but I would be dumb if I did't used it since our main core is built arround it....

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