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Still alive!....

I've been just overloaded with work but I have already started the upgrade of the serverss here to Mdk 9.0.

I'm still fighting with it (I've advetured in the "higest" security level -- just left out the "paranoid") so I have to activate and open every item I want....

Anyway, it has been as fun as instaling Oracle 8i on Linux -- the previous task, yet to be mastered....

At home everything is going well.
Gabriel with his "moods" and verbal argumentation (:-))) -- a good training, at least to me, although quite tiring! -- and Rafael is already trying to get higher on life.... he has just dicovered that he can carry a little chair to where he wants to get things from and couldn't get from the floor!

And he has also a temper, although nothing as complex as dealing with his older brother who, anyway, I must confess it is quite better although he continues to be quite stubborn....

Well, I have to fly to pick Gabriel from school and then to head home to see if I can still work a little more on my woodcraft's work @ home!

See you all latter!

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