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Still alive!....
I've been just overloaded with work but I have already started the upgrade of the serverss here to Mdk 9.0.

I'm still fighting with it (I've advetured in the "higest" security level -- just left out the "paranoid") so I have to activate and open every item I want....

Anyway, it has been as fun as instaling Oracle 8i on Linux -- the previous task, yet to be mastered....

At home everything is going well.
Gabriel with his "moods" and verbal argumentation (:-))) -- a good training, at least to me, although quite tiring! -- and Rafael is already trying to get higher on life.... he has just dicovered that he can carry a little chair to where he wants to get things from and couldn't get from the floor!

And he has also a temper, although nothing as complex as dealing with his older brother who, anyway, I must confess it is quite better although he continues to be quite stubborn....

Well, I have to fly to pick Gabriel from school and then to head home to see if I can still work a little more on my woodcraft's work @ home!

See you all latter!

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Hi, I wondered where you were. I'm glad to hear that your family is doing well.

Yes, everything is going ok.
Unfortunely I haven't been able to read as much I would like and as to post I don't even reach there... :-((
But I can't complain.
I hope everything down there is ok, too.
Gabriel is already starting to draw some letters (a start to writing) and he just doesn't do more because he is so stubborn...
Anyway, that's a bridge he must be the one to decide when to cross. The only thing I can do is to be there to help if he asks for it, isn't it?

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