António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Programming, again....

I haven't been able to realy program for so long (at least it seems so!...) that I almost forgot how nice it is to feel and see an appliction being brought to life, bit by bit!

I've picked up on my WAP platform and in the DataFlow Application I was bulding, back on L8TI, and I'm revising it from scratch.
There is a lot of code that today I can write much better as my PHP and PERL programming skills have improved. I also am arroung GForth 0.5.0 but have already found some subtil diferences (things I had assumed back on version 0.4.0, that on this version don't work the same way) which I'm correcting.
So, my 4th-HTML will increase it's version, of course.

But it's good to be back on programming, although I still have quite a lot of other things to do here.
But although I haven't forgoten the DataFlow Application, my main goal here is, right now, to build administration tools for the servers.

Well, back to programming!

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