António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Having already a set of internal servers and external servers, here, has made increasingly dificult to asset correctly the importance and impact of individual failures of services in each server over the whole internal network and it's +/- 1000 individual computers.

The fact is also increased, I guess, as not all the working computers have yet the same configuration. Some are still with an old configuration from the time there was only one server having all services os email and web and access to the Internet....

I've been implementing the necessary changes almost for one year and I finaly see that in a near future (2 to 3 months) I might be able to shutdown the old linux server and split it into two new machines; one as an internal server and another as an external server.
But I'm always finding out which implications (most of the time unexpected) have failures in individual services and functuions on that machine....

I guess this is the life with complex systems; oftenly is almost impossible to predict ALL the possible interactions from individual failures.

So I must keep learning new simptoms to be able to make the right diagnostics sooner in the future.
This network is already to big to be able to have global failures.
This was not the case, now, but surelly was hard to pine point.

Anyway, living and learning.

In another register, yesterday we all went to the doctor.
Something hasn't been right and seemed to have affected all of us with the exception of Rafael.
Gabriel is the one who, right now, is a little worst and the doctor prescribed him some medicines.
But he, as easy as he is to spot that something is wrong with him, at first, is the worst patient I do know! It's hard enough to convince him to take anything or make him follow any prescriptions or recomendations....

He is so stubborn!

Well, back to work!

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