António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

It has been hard to mantain everything rolling as I'm always requested to help on something whenever I doing another thing.... :-))
And when I make a "context switch" another request will apear... So its demanding but something I have some easyness to do and to which I'm very much used to....
Any way, in the end, it's funny though tyring, some times.

My familly is bigger...
Now we have also a little lady, Mademoisel Bijou Noire!
She is a little and beutifull caniche (2 1/2 months) almost all black except for a little white spots in her tail and in her paws and a beutifull white spot in her chest.

And she was already used to cats so, right now, Vickie (The Weggie), Blackie Baghera II and Bijou Noire are all together which, with my 28 months old son makes really more than a duzen hurricanes in the house, some times!...

The sad part is that my older cat, Pati Vesta, is not better. Age doesn't help of course (11 years is old age in a cat) but she doesn't complain.
I really care and some times I just don't know what else I can do for her... And nothing is to much, really, for some one we really care for, be it a cat, a dog, a person or a loved one!

So, as soon as I am able to, I want to do my last promise to her.

I always thought to make a website just dedicated to the cats I've lived with but she was the first and she really deserves I can find enough time to make this in honer to her.

It might be strange to some what I feel to them (cats who I've lived with) but really I feel them as friends and familly members. So my familly doesn't have only humans....
Does have cats, fishes, plants and now, for the first time, a little female dog!

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