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Working, again...
The last week was, mainly, a re-install week.
After the death of my motherboard, I assembled a new computer with another motherboard and new disks.
Now, I'm still passing information from the old disks into the new ones.

On another tone, we all, at home, have got the flu, so neither of us is at 100%, I guess....
But I think we'll live througout this.

Both kids had a little temperature but today they were better.
I just hope that the get both well soon enough.

Gabriel is very easy to see when he is sick, as he changes radically, but is a terrible patient! Not patient at all.
His brother is a little less "4th of July" but, nevertheless, makes very clear what he does want or not.
And it was quite bad, yesterday night, to see him with a fever and like asking us to fix whatever was wrong with him....

Well, it's 15h30m, here, and I'm going to eat something as I haven't lunced yet....

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Great! Sounds good. :)

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