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As expected....

Two days ago, the last of the ASUS motherboards (they were 6 -- two BE6 and four SA6R) died.

RIP to her.

And why? Just because someone wanted to save some money and used electrolitic capacitors that weren't capable to work in a long term.
I was lucky as none of them exploded and just got dried.

I'm going to find for replacements and I plan to try to bring them to life again, sometime in the next year.

Meanwhile, new motherboard, a complete new re-instalation of all programs here on the Windows computer....
Increased space for the 2nd disk (40 GB hard drive) and, yes, i keep it partitioned!
So my D: drive (normaly the bigest) is now a full 8 GByte drive!... ;-)))
But, this way, I do go also until drive J:....

Anyway, this has been a useful schema and realy makes it easy on a re-install like this or in the case of a filesystem curruption as everything is in it's separated place.

It's almost time to go and pick Gabriel from school but I am already downloading updated for Windows XP from Micro$oft's site....
It's going to be left working on itself and I'll see tomorw if I have them all here or just a blown instalation demandig for a start-over from scratch.....

I wish you all a good rest of day and I'll try tomorrow to get in "sync" with what you have been doing....

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