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Mondays are always good days... :-))

Today I started the day having to resolve the problem that made our external servers unreacheble from last friday by 22/23 h.
It seems that the culprit was a network card from one of them that trashed the ethernet lan with the oldest link to the Internet. The server is already disconected and I'm going to work on it and, midwhile, all the accomulated email is starting to get in and going out.

The restructing of the whole internet/intranet structure, to what I designed in 2000, is going well, although slowlly.
It's necessary to make a lot of changes and, at the same time, mantain everything working. So I'm being quite cautious, specially with the points I know thar are the weekest.
It's just like building a new structure arround a old and weeker one, and transfering gradualy the load from the old pilars to the new ones, before we can remove the old and weeker pilars.
But it's fun (at least for me) to see everything starting to take shape and starting to be visible.

On another issue, this weekend, I continued with my woodcraft work.
Well, not as much as I would like as a very big part of it the the play on Sokoban (every one knows the game? having to make the right moves to be able to move cubes arround and put them in the right places?).
The house is full and that makes it a little harder to build anything in side.
But, at the same time, I don't have a choice.
I only have that space and, thus, I must "sokoban" things arround, moving them from place to place in order to have space to continue with the work.

But I'm liking what I am leaving behind.
I do know where the imperfections are but, at the same time, as I keep working and building with pine wood (mainly) I'm also developing my woodcraft skils.... :-))

Soon enough I can go on larger flights.... :-))

Well, have to get to work as I have (at least) on server to instal, configure and populate with it's data today.
So, see you all latter, here in LJ land....

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