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Tough questions.....
I'm still wondering who can I handle, in the most effective and useful way, the issue that was brought to me yesterday at Gabriel's school.

It's just a question of his behaviour in response (I'm pretty sure of that) of others (older) teasing him in order to get a reaction out of him.
The question is that I can not lett this whole issue just pass in blank.
And I must make a point so that in the future he won't just react this way and acts more wisely.

I can't just take away a toy or TV as this won't "punish" him enough.
I think the best way is just to ignore him, at key times and, at the same time, don't comply with superfelous things he asks for while he is "grounded".

Just let time passes and see how this all goes.

Today, before I left him on school I went through this whole issue, explaining to him that if others are rude to him and say nasty things to him, he is always better into going with an adult, at school, and explain what happened and ask for them to intervein and let he be alone with himself.
But part of the problem is that he is not capable of being apart the older ones but, yet, doesn't know how to deal with all the situations that arrise freom there....

Well, I'm almost out from work to go and get him and, then, head home.

And I do must (I keep repeating to myself) think on all this quite thoughrouly as I must be able to act in the best way in order for him to learn and gain useful experience from all this issue.

See you all latter, here in LJ land....

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I feel your confusion. Jason also went through a similar situation of being teased by other kids. He doesn't have a temper like Gabriel, but it was a very traumatic for him. I think your advice to him is good. I hope it gets better soon. It's not nice when school becomes stressful for them.

Thankfully he likes to learn and loves to go to school!
And finally he is starting doing things he never did not because he wasn't capable of but just because he never wanted to.

But being him a person to respond back when he doesn't like what someone says to him or when he dislikes a situation he in into, he must learn (the sooner the better although it will have to go at his own pace) how to respond in a way that is constructful and, thus, usefull for him.

He won't gain anything just by starting a confrontation, like he presently does (even if not physical, it's a confrontation nevertheless).

He and I are always "in verbal confrontation" as I don't let him go just when he answers me back... And I'm fully aware that, doing this, I'm also developing him capacity of argumentation (which he as already plenty) and one day he will be better than I at it!... :-))

But I'm proud of my little tiger, even being him so stubborn sometimes!....

I just hope he will grow out of it soon and can start being a real tiger (in clevreness and capacity) and not just a wild cat....

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