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Installing Smoothwall, again, here on the new external output gateway server....

I don't know why but the previous instalation couldn't do updates and, I think, somethings were not working properlly, although I didn't spent enough time to discover why.

On another ground, Gabriel is liking to be in pre-school (as far as I can tell) and seems to be a little better (although is always to soon to say anything...)
His brother is now starting to mark his own positions and, as I told from the begining, is also quite strong willed. I just hope he won't be as stubborn as his brother...

My wood construction work, at home, is going well although quite slowly (to my wantings) as the time available is not as much as I would like.
Anyway, has been fun, so far, (although quite tyring sometimes, but I like to see things grow and being built and, realy, there is nothing that can compares with the feeling one get when seeing something done and know all the work involved util it is done!

I have to keep with Smoothwall instalation, here.
I have it already installed but now I'm applying the updates ass this is an externel machine and, thus, subjected to all the waves that com from the Internet..

Anyway, I hope I'll be here latter.
So, a good end of afternoon to you all, here in LJ land!

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