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To Vickie, my gone friend...
Vickie, our male cat, just died.

He was not well lately although no one could find what was wrong with him.
He had lost all the joy in playing, specialy with Marlene, the youngest female cat that is, now, 4 to 5 month old.

I spent the whole week puzzled as I couldn't find Vickie; we went over the whole house, looking in every spot, but no way we could find him.
I was worried not to know where he was nor what had happened.

Yesterday, by the unmistakable smell, I become totally sure that he had to be in the varanda, where everything is out of their place during the construction work I'm doing there.

And finally I found him.

He had laid down on the earth, near a little tree we have there, and passed away.
It does hurt to loose him but, I think, I was somehow relieved to finally discover the solution for the mystery that had predured during the whole week.

I believe that, wherever he is now, he is better and I can assure you, Vickie, that no one will ever forget you has you will ever live in our hearts and our thoughts.

Be well, my dear friend.

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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Vickie. You're going to feel a lot of emptiness in your home. It's amazing how much love our dear pets give to us and how their presence is missed when they're gone.

My cat also died last weekend, so I can relate to the sadness you're feeling.

Oh no. I am sorry Antonio. My condolences to you and your family.

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