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One thing that has always been very difficult to me is to get up on the morning.
No matter how much I do sleep, it seams that one of the hardest things in the whole Universe is to pass from the sleeping state to the full awake state.

Knowing a little how our brain normally works, I know that it does take a while for me for it to change from the sleeping wave pattern into the awake wave pattern.

At my present age (I'm 37) I can already be awake with a little noise but from there to be able to get up, it's a whole different matter.

And this is anoying me as putting the alarm clock for 6h30, I only can get up at 8h!
Which means that Gabriel and I won't be out from home until 9h30m (the least....)

I realy must see if I can find a way for it to be easier to pass from sleep into awake state....

Another thing quite funny is that my waife says that sometimes speaks to me, when I'm already asleep, and that I do respond and engage in a normal conversation and, latter I hardly remember what we spoke about! :-)

From all us, seems that only Rafael has it right; we can get to sleep as his father (almost instantaneously) and wake up as his mother (in even a shorter amount of time)!

I must ask him, some day, how doe he manage to do that... :-)))

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