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Live, again!

For quite a long time I coldn't post due to lack of available time and the fact thar by installing Windows XP, here, the olf client refused to work properlly.

Well, mostlly, the lack of time.
In fact, what I've been missing more is the availability of the necessary time to keep updated with my friends list...

But everything is running ok, here.
Gabriel is already in pre-school and, so far, seems to be enjoing it.

Rafael is already walking by himself (he is 14 1/2 months old....) and just runs over the entire place....

Well, have really to go. I still have a lot to do here, at work, and must go out by 18h30, at most, to go apick Gabriel up and go home (and it's already almost 16h....)

See you all latter, here in LJ land!
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