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Gabriel has been going to pre-school since last Monday and, so far, it seems to be liking it.

But, yesterday, when I went to pick him up we said that his throat was aching a little bit. Knowing the "good" patient he is, I should have seen it coming but I didn't.

Anyway, this morning, we acted as if we was like dyeing and I knew for a fact that he was exaggerating.
But at the same time he insisted in being bare footed, on the floor, despite our advises for him not to be, as if he had his throat aching, that wouldn't do any good to him.
But when it was for him to take the medicine was when all came apart as he just decided just that he didn't want to take any!

From there on, it was all down hill for him.
After an hour or so, he was again calm enough to be possible for us to go out (an hour late, of course) and I left him at pre-school.
Let's just see how his day goes....
Being there, with the other kids, might be helpful and he might forget the "good" start of day, but I'm also aware that he can as easily go onto the other side.

It's quite complex (and it is becoming harder and harder) to see through him and know exactly when he is telling the truth or when he is just acting and/or pretending or just plainly exaggerating...

Damn! He is really a good actor!
Lets just hope I'm always able to see through and know what is really going on!
But its a worthy challenge, nevertheless....

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