António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I've been quite busy latelly but what Melanie wrote in her yestarday's diary did make me remember something that has been on my mind for a long, very long time.

How can I be honest with what I write here and, yet, preserve those arround me that didn't authorized me to talk about them here?
How can I refer what I do and what I am through at every relevant moment and, yet, preserve every one involved?

I know that it is not one of the esiest things to do.

So far, the ansewer I've found is quite similar to the one Melanie refers on her diary yesterday; I can talk about the situations in a general way as, really, names aren't important unles for those directlly involved. For anayone that doesn't know any of the persons involved, what can interest is the situation in general and not any one particular situation...

Of course that makes somethings easier but, at the same time, makes others harder.

Anyway, I think it's always a good exercise for ourselves to try to do preciselly that.
More than once in our lives, we'll need that ability to be able to refer to a situation without refering to a particular event or events and that's something that can and must be trained to be really possible and usefull.

In a way, opening this window to the world, doesn't leave a way back.
Of coiurse that if if I open it, I can close it.
But what I can't nor will ever be able to change is that by opening it, I've changed events and I can't put them back again where they were before.

One can amend and/or correct on action, but can ever erase it!
That's what time and history are about!
And most of all, honesty with ourselves and with all others is essencial.
As much as the air we bread or the gound we stand on!

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