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Just thoughts....
One thing I've been dwelling with is how to set the boundary between what I would like to talk and write about, here in my journal, and what I can do due to the necessity I have to respect the will of the other persons around me in my life.

This is my journal but only the events that involve me only are truly mine; the others are shared.
I don't have any problem with knowing that there are people that might read what I write here. In fact I don't write here nothing I couldn't tell or refer to in a normal conversation.
But different people have different levels and expectations about privacy and I must respect all opinions, even when I don't exactly think the same way.

Because of this, most of what I write about is related with my work and, thus, rather technical.

Anyway, I'll keep trying to seek up for ways to be able to be more like what I would like, without compromising the respect I must have for positions that are different from mine.

After this, I'm going back to work.
I'm still repairing the damage made by the cut on the wires that carry the Frame Relay link to my servers and, anyway, I'm re-locating their contents on another location as there are changes I want to do there, for a long time, and it is very complex to do them with the normal Internet traffic....

Today I might go and pick Gabriel up and bring him here, after lunch, for letting his mother and his brother be able to be quitter than what would be possible with him around!...

Yesterday, I was reading Corto's ADIML in here, here and here and learned a lot.
Not specifically related with him, exactly, but mainly related with me and us all, at home.
One thing I've been noticing for a long, long time is what one can learn from others about itself... It never stops amazing me!

Well, I have to go now as there is work to be done and that I want to have done before lunch time!
See you all latter, here in LJ land....

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I still get a laugh out of that depraved day thing... snicker.


now then...
"But different people have different levels and expectations about privacy and I must respect all opinions, even when I don't exactly think the same way."

how do I reconcile this... I feel very strongly that the "state" cannot, in the long run, succeed in protecting my security because their efforts alone will compromise it... There's plenty of fiction out there that speaks to the possibilities. I am confident that society is a better champion of my privacy... and that is not to say that I want society to "protect" my privacy, but only to "respect" it. Towards that end, I turn on my cam and relax. There will be plenty of failures in this effort... but I can deal with those better than I can with the alternatives if I invest my hope in the state doing a better job. :D

(ok, off my soap box now... :D)

As relating to "protection and security" I do feel exactly like you say.
If I can't provide that myself, I can't be expecting anyone to do it for me.
But the point I was thinking, when I wrote my post, was more related to the issues that arrise at home.
I have no problem with writing here as this is exactly the same I would speack with anyone I know. Of course that this medium (LJ) does have a much greater exposure (at least potentialy), which can be good or bad depending on how one handles it.
But, at home, my wife is much more close and attaches herself to a much more thick "secrecy aura" (if I'm expressing myself correctly), and just doen's like to have know what is going on that involves her.
She respects my way of feeling and acting and I do the same.
But what relates to what happends with us all (I, her and our sons) it's a much complex issue as I must respect the way she feels and yet I would like to be able to address some points that do touch me, in a way.
It's a tough exercise but also usefull; I've learned a lot.

About your ADIML-2, it was realy fun to see! It made me laugh!

It seems, realy, that George and Edward just aren't still for a second!
It makes me remember Gabriel which seems to have more electricity than a power plant!....

I hope everything works out, Antonio!

It will, eventualy.
For a long time I've been learing how to conciliate diferent positoins and, so far, I've have learned that while there is comprehension and understanding and good will, noting is realy impossible!

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