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I discovered why I don't have Internet access where I have my servers....

Someone (I don't know how, of course) just cut the cable of the leased circuit with the Frame Relay link!
So, I'm now relocating one of the servers (the main one) as my greatest concern is the in-transit mails.

I know exactly when the access was cut (I fetched 5 emails from my email acount, on that server, and when I switched users to see on another email account, I cound't access pegassus).
So I must have the whole set of email accounts working on the right domains, before the email servers give-up trying to deliver the in-transit email (normally, the time is of 5 days).

I'm here at the office, but I have to go as tomorrow will be a hard day of work....

A good night to you all and see you all here, tomorrow, in LJ land...

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