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Finally I'vw acomplished 2 major goals, here.

In first place, I already have the NetXtreem gigabit network cards on the Compaq DL360 G2 servers working under Linux.
I had to resort to the Mandrake 9.0 (still beta) kernel and modules to do it but was done without recompiling a nw kernel and modules set. The recompilation can be left for latter.

In second place, I'm already using the new output route with the 3 servers, in series, with double NAT.
I just have to tune it, now, before commit it to general use, here.

So, I'm stoping for today, as I must go and get Gabriel and go home.
Tomorw, will be another busy day!

But, beside all this and the everyday problems that need to be addressed and solved, I'm happy.
This struture represents almost 2 years of desing, planing, and fight for it's implementation.
Now I realy feel that we have legs to run and space to grow and suport the expected traffic growth and much more.

I with a very nice end of day to you all and I hope I'll see you latter, here in LJ land!...

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