António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

May times, when crises happen, we start seeing events in a slightlly different way....
Strangelly, now that all these events at EV are happening, they doesn't seem all so important, anyway...

I think that it's yet to soon to extract definitive conclusions from all this but, somehow, I realise that although I'll keep building a team to work in this area of computers and Internet, I need to be more capable in any of the areas involved -- system's administration, programming, design, marketing, etc. There is always space for inprovement and we never know too much about everything!....

Of course I can't do it all.
But it's completelly different to ask someone to do something that we KNOW how to do, and how we want it to be done and are only asking just because we have other tasks and we are dividing the work, than to ask someone to do something that we aren't capable of doing nor even have an idea how should be done; it's really different.

That's what my father was commenting with me today.
His phones are by radio not copper wire and the new ISDN system that has been installed a few months ago has had a number of problems and sometimes it's operational and others it is not.
The technicians have been trying to determine the cause and haven't saved any efforts doing that (now we have more than one operator -- the difference it makes in quality of service!).
He has experience in radio communications so can understand why this type of problems appears although he is the one mostelly affected by the event. Many times he needs to access to the Internet or just to make or receive a phone call and he can't. But he RECOGNIZES that some one is trying to understand the reason of the esporadic failure.
Others are just incapable or aren't willing to do the same.

Has this to do with people?
I think it has.
We are all different and each one understands a different set of things and has different experiences.

Some try to help, others demand to be served.

I'm not the one to make judgments in abstract; personally I'm more willing to try to see what can I do to helpout in any situation. If I can't, I step aside and let others try it.
I think that is the most correct attitude as we only know what we know (La Palisse would have been proud of such a sentence, wouldn't he?) and we have much, but much more to learn yet.
And always!

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