António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Once again, today, I spent almost all the time on the "freezer" (the computer room which has the a/c set-up to 18/20 �C), working on the servers.

I've already installed and re-installed those computers a zillion times since Monday!....
Anyway, I'm becoming to know them quite well.

Ok, Mandrake 8.2 has everything I need/want but still doesn't support the NetXtreme gigabit network cards directly.
I can go and get the code (at source, anyway) from SuSE 8 but I would have to compile a kernel and their respective modules, which I've been avoiding so far; anyway, might go that way tomorrow.

But the Mdk 8.2 boot wasn't without glitches, though...
By default it accesses the IDE CD-ROM with DMA and the hardware doesn't like that as the access fails and, in the 8.2, after a few failures, the installation process just freezes.
Ok, a IDE=NODMA just solves it. But, so far, on the 9.0 Beta 2 couldn't find a way to input it as the F1 boot option for additional parameters isn't working as supposed to....

The new outgoing path is setup, with the 3 machines, but I still have some issue with the 1st masquerading (at stargate) which I still need to solve.

Out of work, everything is going normally.
Right now Gabriel is on my lap and because I'm here earlier, I might just go out with him...

See you all latter!
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