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Long time, no posting...

In fact, long time, no posting.

I've been keeping up with my friends although not with the regularity and detail I would like but time to write has been quite inexistent...

Gabriel and Rafael are growing up and Rafael is already trying to crawl...
How time does fly!

And here I have already 3 new Compaq servers to work with.
So, now I'm into a cloing session (their disk controler suports mirroring in hardware, so it's just a question of making the necessaary changes into one of the already intalled machines, take one of the disks out, put it on the new server, have it boot and then put two empty new disks, one in each machin, on the empty bays!

Well, that's the plan but it is, atually a little more complex, as the server is the same (DL 360), the older ones are 1st generation and the new are 2sd generation which have different disk controllers and Ethernet ports....

I already have the scanner working at home and today I'm going to have ADSL installed also there.
So, then, it's just a question of avaliation of who performs best and is more reliable; if cable access or ADSL....

See you all latter!

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