António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

It's 5 o'clock now and I'm going to make a little break on the work.

This night was a very eventfull night....
Again, out of nothing, Gabriel started i one of his crisis (is this the adequated name?) just out from a glass of water.

It started when, after being in bed, he got up and asked his mother for a glass of water.
She filled-up his and gave it to him to which he said he didn't wanted it.

If you don't wan't it, don't have to drink it -- was her reply.

To that we said I want the water! -- and from there it started.

It seemd to me that the issue here is for him to have the others do (whatever it is) the way he decides and commands which he has never been successfull at as we are not going to encourage that on him.

But if this during the day is already stressfull and tyring, during the night is very worse.

He screamed, beat with his feet on the floor, well, the complete set.

I had to go into his room and stay there in order to hold it and don't let it get more out of hand than what it already was....

The result is that from 3 AM to about 5 AM was spent on this and his mother couldn't even sleep.

I don't know what to do with it.
I've been cutting off always when he get these attitudes and he KNOWS that he won't win.

He KNOWS that that way is the shortest way to NOT having whatever he is saying he wants (which he will change in the instant some one grants him what he requested -- or demanded, is more accurate....)

He KNOWS that whenever things are properlly asked the only reason why he won't have them is if tey are totally impossible to get.

He KNOWS that he haven't won yet any single battle of this...

Sometimes it seems to me that he is aware that he won't be succeeded in these but he just can't help himself from that.
The question is that this constant tension is always very stressfull and I simpy don't know how it will be when he gets older and stronger unless he learns how to control himself....

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