António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

VNC and Smoothwall rules!

Well, about VNC isn't anything new, realy.
I'm eager to have time to play with it's source and make some changes.

But about Smoothwall, I managed today to make VNC access to the Windows computer at home, behind the Smoothwall there, and use it from here.
And I monitored the traffic and was always less then 1 kbyte/s which is fairly small. Of course I'm just using 8 bits/pixel instead of 32, but, nevertheless, this is encoraging! :-))

Still managing makiking new account, changing others, etc. but these acheivemnts of today give me the absolute certain that I'll be able to manage the restruture of the server structure here without many problems.
It's just a time consumig effort as it does require a miriad of small steps and check and double check to ensure nothing breaks or, if it does, it can be fixed in no time.

So the mark stays registered here.

I'll post more on that latter, as soon as possible.

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