António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Reconfiguring the whole network, servers configuration, restructering email accounts, etc, with all working and without disrupting anything is a challange!

But is something that is also able to develop attention, concentration and method.

I still can't concentrate myself on building tools to these tasks so the major of them must be done with the tools I have right now and by hand.
Latter, I might go into develop mode :-))

I just hope I can finish the bulk of these changes so I can concentrate myself again in installing new servers and go forward with passing what's in the paper onto a working reality!

On another front, today I've been quite indisposed, and I don't really know why.
I think it had something to do with the fact that this morning I had to get up in a hurry as I woke-up 2 hours latter than what I had in mind; I only woke-up at 9 and had a meeting, here in the office, at 9h30!
Happily the meeting only started at 10h00, so I didn't arrived late.
But the fact that I literally had to get-up while still asleep, didn't help.

I have the problem that I do take very much time to pass from the sleep state into the fully awake state. So, eveyrime I have just to "pop-up" the bad, it's a day that, in a way or another, I can't feel at 100%.

Anyway, I'll survive, of course.

I also think that Gabriel is slowlly starting to accomulating the effects of everything that has been said to him and starting to growout the stage of these constant fights to see "who's the boss" in whatever situation.

Probably I'm speeaking too soon, anyway.... I think I still have a long, long way ahead but, nevertheless, it seems to me that he is accepting a little better that he can't always have it his own way.

What I've done, so far, is to cut off everytime he enters into that modo so that the memory of the event be always of a defeat and not rewarding.
I think I can't do anything else but that and wait for him to grow older.

His brother, on the other hand, whenever someone says NO to him, just starts crying.... (but he is stiil only 11 months old so, I thing, that is stillnatural),

It seems I have 2 challanges that, to be honest, are teaching me very much about myself.
The only thing I do regret, though, is that is almost impossible to avoid that part of this will also fall over their mother who isn't so at ease to deal with it.

Well, I'm going downstairs just to have a coffe and then return here as there are a number of things I would want to leave finished before I go ou for today...

See you all latter!

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