António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

About to leave work for today.

I'm still being always divided through the issues I have in hands, at the moment, and those that apear and require my attention.
I do need to setup some daily routines that might help me to be able to do even more from what I do already.

It's quite a paradox; in a point my nature does not take well to be tied up to just a routine or an event. My mind doesn't stop and still voyages from issue to issue, analysing, seeking for solutions and ways to turn event's and desires into reality.
But, at another way, the "context swithing" does require and finite ammunt of time and energy so a very high number of "context switches" makes all go a little more slower.

I guess that my dilema is that the way I'm most efficient is when I can setup my own scheduling of events but the fact is that isn't many times possible as the outer rithms are not my own.
And although I'm very adaptive, there are times when what I'm doing and have at hands to do simply doens't mach with what's on my mind and driving my curiosity and/or interest.

I think that everyone, in one time or in another, experiences this, but this has been something that is very vivid and aware in me.

Anyway, I don't think I can't complain and, in fact, I'm not.
I've learned a long time ago that what happens depends on our choices or lack of them. We receive the results of what we do and create.
So, the question is always to learn how to integrate the happening events in a whole, coherent and meaningful.

And, being able to acomplish that, productivity des increase and frustration will accordingly decrease.

But I have to go now.
I promissed I wouldn't arrive late and still have to go and pick up my eldest son.
And I do have a lot to do at home... :-)))

See you all tomorrow!

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