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In the office, still, geting a number of things before going on holidays.

I hope that these 2 weeks will allow me to rest but, also, to be able to do a number of things that have been waiting for an oportunity to see the light.
Ideas are always more than the capacity to carry them through, anyway....

I just hope the weather will play along and the hot weather is here to stay; it would be terrible to be by the pool with a rainy weather and not being able to use it!

These last times have been of madness but I don't complain. I'm finally seing the pieces going to their places and I do hope that before the end of this year I'll have the infrastructure like what I designed, with a number of layers and some redudancy on the internal servers so I can have always an option to shift traffic from one to another, whenever necesssary.

And I also hope that on these holidays I'll be able to start some sites that have been on my head for to long and are more than due to see the day light!...

And, last but not least, I hope I'll have a little more time to keep up with you all, that I haven't been able to do latelly...

See you all later, here in LJ land....

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