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New uploading location....
I've just installed the Live Journal Windows Client here at home on our shaerd computer, on my area.

So, now I can upload entries from here, even while I don't have mine working...

Anyway, I just wnat to thank to everyone who sent me birthday greatings!
They were trully apreciated, even I didn't had the time to answer to each one of you individually!

And I have to go now but I want to wish you all a verry good rest of day and a even better weekend!

See you all soon!

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OMG, when was your birthday, Antonio? I was not notified!!!

It was on May, 30, last thursday.

And, this year, I had an holiday as a birthday present.... :-)))
It's one of these mibile holidays that are always at a certain day of the week but are placed by easter's date....

But is was a good birthday, anyway!

And, may I add, I do like your new picture!
It's you, ins't it?

You are very pretty in it!

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