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I just hope that this will be the 1st of a 3 day work set that will enable me to complete some of the structural changes I need here....

I'm going to work on the new out path to the Internet and when done I'll be able to know exactly the amount of traffic that we are having!
Big deal, you might say....

Well for who had only one modest linux server doing the access to the Internet (back from 1996, with RedHat 2...), now having the possibility to implement the structure I designed almost 2 years ago, with internal and external servers (and implement it without breaking nothing of what's already working, while implementing the changes all over the client computers -- spreaded over the national territory) is something that leaves me happy...

Or, else, probably I contempt myself with little....

A good day, anyway, to you all and to everyone else in LJ land....

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