António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I think that finally got Windows 2000 where I wanted it to be!
Windows NT 4.0 permited to change the letter associated to the partition where it runs from (the boot partition) as it doesn't depend on that in oposition to MS-DOS or Windows 9x.
But Windows 2000, although not depending on that drive letter for itself, doesn't allow changes to it.
As I ended up always with NFTS boot drive beeing drive F (which imposed me a different drive order for Windows 98 and Windows 2000) I tryied to install it in different ways until I realized that the partition with Windows 2000 HAD TO BE a PRIMARY PARTITION so that the letter wouldn't be in the middle of the others!

So I finally got it; now it's letter L which is not perfect but not totally wrong for me, either.
So, I'll call it even, at least for now.

All these last times of instalations and re-instalations had a positive effect, anyway. They allowed for me to know more clearlly what is strong and what must be improved here.
It's sad but it's when we have this kind of problems to solve that we learn the most; might be a tough time but it has some positive things attatched!

I'm almost out to have a little sleep as tomorrow I'll have two important events.

The first of them is work, programming and to install some CGIs I've found in the Internet.
The other one is the endning of the partner's meeting at EV.... Let's see if it can be finished, really, and if nothing else delays it any longer!

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