António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

When having experience can be of disadventage....

To be the one with the most troubleshooting experience has also some disadvantages...

I know already I'll have o go to Madeira to see exactly why the network in the office there is so slow.
I guess that it is (just from what already know) overloaded, but from suspecting it to prove it and know it from a hard fact, there is a distance....

And this now that I'm configuring the new servers... :-)))

Anyway, it will be my first flight (I never was on a plane before, so this is just a 'premiere', I guess...

I'm quite 'impatient' to be able to make all the structural changes that will enable the server structure to be able to grow and be scalabe, which it was not from the time when there was just a simple linux server having all the services and doing all the work....
A old and faithfull 486DX2 @ 66MHz HP Server that was stoped by then...

Of course that the old 486 is not working anymore; a PII is now in it's place and has another server (a just internal one).

So, finally, I'm having the oportunity to implement the infrastructure I designed almost 2 years ago.
It has been a long way but the greatest challange is to make all this structural changes while keeping everything working!

I just hope that when the new infrastructure is complete, I'll be able to have some time for some programming and development!

Well, I have to go back to work.
See you all latter!

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