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The pressure from this virus alone, latelly, has been tremendous.
Especialy over one of our offices that still has email directly from the Internet (from their old ISP) without passing throught the mail servers I have here.

They receive lots and lots of viruses every day (they receive and send lots of email to all the world), which can clearly let me get a hint of the storm outside!

I'm going to try a shortcut by using fetchmail to fetch their mail, clean it and then feed it to the new mailboxes, while the switch over the new email addresses isn't completed....

I just hope it works or else I'm running out of ideas to easy-up the pression over them and the individual antivirus software...

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It's a terrible virus, the girls and I have all been hit with it over and over. Virus programs can't catch it, even updated. It's insane!

It's really nasty.
And does atempt (and unfortunelly succeed) to destroy the most know anti virus.

Any actualized antivirus can detect and block it but normally cam't repair the affected files. They must be deleted.

One tool I've found of innestimate value dealing with it is the ActiveScan from Panda Software that can be reached at http://www.pandasoftware.es/activescan/com.

On that site you'll be prompted to accept the instalation of the ActiveX that has the antivirus and it will download it and install on the computer. Thenafter, you can run it and if you select to delete the virus, it won't but will rename the infected files with ".vir" extentio that makes them easy to find and delete latter.

It's perfectly safe and has been my most helpfull tool dealing with this virus, latelly and the antivirus is garateed to be up-to-date (the update policy of Panda Software is daily updates).

I hope it helps you.
If necessary, contact me by email (ajose@mail.datanet-pt.net), ok?

Thank you Antonio, very much! I am running panda now. Good luck with this

Whenever you can, let me know if it resolved the problem, ok?

It says it did not find the virus but people are still receiveing weird emails from me, so I dunno!


One of the abilities of this virus is to pretend to come from another recipient than the one really sending the infected email.

It takes all the addresses in the victim's address book and choses one of them for the source and another for the target.
The fact that the message is aparently from you DOESN'T SAY YOU SENT IT! Not with W32/Klez.I!

If the Panda's Active Scan didn't founf the virus in you computer, with the Whole COmputer scan, then you can be confident (as much you can be of something you have almost 100% certain) that your computer has not bee compromised.

One thing that is a signature of the virus is that opening REGEDIT and doing F3 from the top of it and searching for "Wink" doesn't find anything.
Try it and then say if it didn't found anything. i'm sure it won't, from what you have already told...

Eek Antonio it found a Wink ... Wink.Inkstroke.1

Is that the virus? Should I delete it?

Seems I have about 6 Wink files, argh

I sen't you, yesterday, a link to the page at Symantec's site where they talk about the virus and how to remove it.
Did you saw the message?
I don't find it here....

Let me know who the "virus busting" work is going, ok?

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