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Explendid weekend!.... :-(((

I'm here in the offic but about to go home.

This weekend can be considered almost wasted waiting for the technical guys of the cable company through which we have the TV signal and net access at home to come there and put it back to work!

We complained it didn't work last Friday, by the end of the day but we were told that at that time they wouldn't go but would come Saturday.
In fact, I was woke-up by the phone at 9h30 by someone from the cable company asking if there would be any one home and if they could come.
I said they could, that we would be there, waiting for them. And waiting we were but they never apeared!
A day totally wasted; I had errands to do but was there all day, waiting for them!

Anyway, I used the time to install the new disk on my wife's computer and installed there Windows XP (aka NT 5.1...)
It's running, but now I still have to do a lot of configurations.

Today we was, also, waiting for them as they only showed up by 16 o'clock!

Anyway, these things do make me mad but I try to channel that fealing towards other ends, more usefull.
All this was due to an error of them.
I can't change the events but I'm thinking into trying to understand a little better the sequence of events although I have the impression that they'll try to cover their actions...

Anyway, sometimes its better to just go ahead as the time spent into digging the details will be missed for other things one has to do and I don't get any particular rewarding fealing from there...

I still have a new user account to create, here, so I'm going to get into that!

See you all latter!

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