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Remote control...
I'm posting this message on LJ by using the LJ client, on my computer, in Lisbon, while I'm physicaly in Setubal, about 50 Km away!

Yes, VNC rules!

Of course that doing this over the Internet is far much more dangerous unless through a encrypted tunnel, but the possibility exists.

I've know for VNC since 1997 but never used it very much.
But now that I'm getting the taste of it, probably that will change!

See you all latter!

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Ok, here I'm reading what I've just post throught the remote control of my computer, in Lisbon.

Just within the Helpdesk area, VNC can and will allow our team to solve a number of problems without having to leave our base.

I just hope that this won't turnout to have the same destiny than the Katana fleet, though!....

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