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I'm here at the office with Gabriel and waiting for the data on a disk to be copyied to another.

These last days have quite insane with the amount of things to be done and learned.
What I regret most is that to be in sync with my lJ's friend page is quite hard and sometimes I pass a whole day without the possibility to get into LJ.....

I guess that from the moment when our world is enlarged by something like LJ it's harder to be without it and to not know how the people we started discovering and becoming friends (even if it is a diferent type of friendship -- more like the old friendship by letter, I guess...) are doing and if they are ok or not.
At least, that's how I feel it, anyway.

But although t'm tired, I don't complain. I'm aware that there is a lot that I'm leaving in second plan and behind but I do keep with my goals, even if I can't do them all in the time I would like to.

Anyway, Dear Internet (like I read once, here), I'm alive and kicking, although almost without any free time...

I gues that in computer language, I'm at 100% processing all the time!
What LA (Load Average) does that give?.... :-))

See you all latter!

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