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(no subject)
After Sabrina's LJ, I did the test and saw that I'm a

I'm a Wind Spiriti

See you all latter...

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aww, and you look so good on that picture, lol ;)

My icon or the Wind's Spirit picture? :-))))

Anyway, since my element is air (I'm gemini), I think it wasn't totally wrong, was it?
And, yes, I don't see why I can't identify muself with the fairy's portrait.... :-))

yeh, i meant the fairy, the dress really becomes you on that photo :)
my element is Earth, i'm a capricorn, so mine wasnt anywhere near right, but at least there's always a pretty picture in it, right?

Re: Which picture?


And thanks for the reference to the dress! It's very airy!... :-))

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