António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Yesterday was a complex day but, any way, a funny one in a way....
I've noticed a long ago the way problems appear; they seam to appear when and whereever they can cause the greatest trouble, doesn't they?

If wasn't enough to have to re-install Linux in Pegassus (how the hell is a parttion going to have ALL it's files truncated to 0 bytes?!?!?!....) I was doing it and got called as one client had lost completelly the contents of one partition in one of the diskis in one of the computers at his office.... 33Gbytes of data!

So after lefting all here half done (there were things I had to left working first, others could wait) I went there just to find after a number of hours that the partition didn't had a file system anymore and needed to be re-formated....
After the format I think I have an idea of the problem.... The last 6 Gbytes of the disk had to be ALL marked as bad sectors....

The question is that the disk and the computer are really new. They have almost only 15 days of work.
Of course thar warranty covers the disk but what covers the work, the lost data and all the rest?
This is a real problem I've been becomming aware latelly. Disks are bigger and bigger and even if the faillure rate isn't significantelly bigger(which, of course, can be argueed...), it means more and more information as the disk sizes from 1994 until today passed from 1-2 GBytes to about 40 GBytes!
So it's harder to mantain full backups, the time spent in diskkeeping is bigger, etc.

Can a defensive attitude help? Parhaps... But how can one normally afford that in time and cost when dead lines are shorter, and the attitudes towards efficiency reaches sometimes levels that are almost insane?

I think that only makes these kind of accidents the normal routine and not just accidents.
So I'm not surprised for the costs of the so called secure and safe ways.

But who is going to pay for when even the safe and failless way finally meets a failure?

Really I don't have a definitive answer....
Or, to be honest, I don't like the answer I know it's the normal one!

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