António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I've not had very much time to post latelly.
I've been from one place to another, and although busy at all times, I don't complain.

At home I think that, so far, Gabriel and I have found an equilibrium point that can make it work (at least, so far).
He is the nuclear reactor and I'm the controler rods, absorbing part of the neutrons produced in his natural fission reaction... :-)

But is a long and tyring process.
As it is to be expected, he is stronger each day and, thus, more capable of defending his own way, even when it is something that just can't be done.
And I must keep up trying to be just, at least, one step ahead of him.

Anyway, although tyring, it allows me to know me better, in the process, so I guess it will not be i vain.
And I'm realy happy whenever I see him being able to do something new on his own!

We've been reading everything we can about these children which seems never to stop and, although it might seem a paradox, they are trully the ones that do need the most rest, even when they don't want it, as they do consume an huge amount of energy and if they just don't rest, for a little, at least, then it's almost impossible to avoid the "meltdowm".
(I've adopted the term "meledown" (that I read somewhere) as it is the word I know of that most acuratelly describes what happens when those crisis happen).

We are trying to have him seen and followed by a doctor although I'm not expecting miraculous solutions.
I do believe that, mainly, that is necessary is to keep a straight discipline (not necessarelly a severe one, but one that makes him have and feel the consequences of his own choices) so that he can always be him and just don't "meltdown".
And that, trully, is the biggest challange I've faced so far.

To avoid him from "meltingdown" I must also keep myself out of "the boiling point" which is, in fact, a good training, I supouse... .-)))

Well, back to work....

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