António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Running on half speed....

Today my home computer (the one I use regularly, not the my wife's computer) decided to die on me.....

Or sort of.
I was working on it and it just hang and wouldn't restart.

This evening, when I came home, I tried again and found out that the 800 MHz Pentium III processor (6,5 x 133MHz) is only starting on a conservative 400 MHz (6 x 66MHz).
I don't know why but I intend to find out this night....

Tomorrow I'll have to go to Porto (in north Portugal) to see some computers with a workmate.
So, there will be 2 days away from here...

Let's see how everything goes.

On the Palm world, things are going well.
I found out a trully amazing disassembler and, so far, I've already found the begining of the ROM code and how it boots.
I've found also the DragonBall initialization routine, which loads the DragonBall's control registers with their default values.

That's a good starting point for my new ROM.
Probably; I'll make it emulate a SmP32 and, on top of it, I'll build the Mex4th VTM.
And then, run it on the POSE before I program an EPROM with the actual code....

It will be nice to have my own processor and environment in a hand held device with, at least, 1 MByte RAM and a 160x160 monochrome LCD dispaly....

I have to go now as I have to put Gabriel in bed!

See you all tomorrow, before we leave....

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