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Palm Pilot
I've had a Palm Pilot since 1998 and, later, I bought another one in second hand for test and experiences.

Lately I revived the use of the Palms but the second one has some problems that make it not work sometimes. I suspect that the batteries just make a bad connect.

So, today, I had an idea that I'm going to carry out.
I'm going to pass the Palm core of the second Palm Pilot into a new box and hack it a little so I can connect there a different set of ROM and RAM (I have found the electric schema on the Internet).
That would give me a powerful computer with a Motorola 68K processor and (at least) 1 Mbyte RAM which I'm planing also to extend.

That's an interesting project, anyway. Lets see how much time daily I'll be able to devote to it (won't be much, right now, unfortunately.... But I hope I'll be able to keep it going, anyway!)