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The second will also be posted (they are just 2 not 3 as I thought as the first one is saved in 2 different files with different names...)
This second must have a little change, though.... It has an explicit name and I'm going to change it to remain whithin my original decision that I woun't give here any names unless their owners had explicitelly agreed upon it which is not the case -- I didn't even raised nor will raise the question.

A lot has passed since the time this has been written and although I feel quite the same way towards the fundamental issues, the way things are done has changed quite a lot.

So, I think that it is even more usefull to put here this "picture" over the past and post it here now.

Sunday, 17 Octuber, 1999
Uranus' Day

It seams that this will be the second time I'm writting my diary this way...

A lot has happened today. Not all the way I had planned it but it also doesn't always turn the way we have planned, anyway...
There are things I miss; some are easy to see and explain but others are quite dificult to point out and say exactlly which are they.

Parhaps this is just because I don't like to argue. I'm finding that a relationship is some what more complex that what I wanted or expected; problems are not easy to solve, mainly when someone is not able to do more. I think I'm the "the one to blame", so to speak, as I should be able to do more than what I do right know. I don't know how I could but never the less, I feel that I should...

The R&D work is going although I wished I had more time available to do it. But the time it takes isn't all lost!
The SmP Microprocessor Family is quite stable and I'm only working now in the co-processors as long I'm defining the mexFORTH VM-CORE Wordlist which, in it self, is the VTM (Virtual Threading Machine).
I know it could have far less instructions as some of them are just combinations of others but I feel that's important to mantain the basic model and to have instructions that are usefull building blocks for upper layers; Definitivelly, I'm not searching for the minimal processing machine but one that might lead to an efficient execution of code either emulated on today's microprocessors and with good capabilities of code cross compilation and trans-compilation, either in SmP hardware.

The most important point is to get some working elements as soon as possible although I know that working on this just on the free time, will make it go slowlly; I have presently no other choice!

As for EV's projects, the choice is made; FORTH (mainly through PFE) will be the main developing environment.
JavaScript will be necessary but I'll try to build the necessary HTML and JavaScript dynamically and not statically.
The deadlines are not far but I still believe that I can meet them.

Well, I'll go now as I have to rest a little as the day tomorow will be very full of work!

Good night to all, whoever you are and wherever you are!

A brief note, though:
PFE was left aside has GForth was more powerfull and more easily to port wherever...
That line of work has proved to me some things, anyway.
Firstly, it's really portable as the core it bases itself upon is very small and easy to understand
Secondly, I really should use a lot of more time to it. If it were anything else, in the time I could allocate for it, it would't even exist today!

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