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Not wanting to sleep....

With Gabriel, not wanting to sleep on the afternoon is realy becoming quite a complex issue.

Clearly he NEEDS the sleep, especially when we doesn't sleep more ours at night.
Today he as even the 1st person to get up, in the morning.

So, by this hour, he is tired and needing to sleep for a few hours but he just decides he doesn't want nor needs it.

What to do then?
Just force him to sleep? This could seem to be an answer and sometimes might work but is not an answer, I know that.
He and everyone arround him (including his younger brother) just gets too stressed for the sleep do any good.
On the other hand, it's not possible to let him just go on with his way as the more tired he is the more instable and on the edge he is.

I just don't have an answer to this issue and I'm very much aware that any small victory is not a overwall victory at all and if he doesn't start realizing that he really NEEDS this sleep in the afternoon, things will only become more and more harder....

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