António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

This is something written in Octuber 13, 1999 and reading it again, I think that it should be posted here.
A lot has happened meanwhile but what's fundamental remains and I don't think today very much differentelly than what I did then,
I have 3 dufferent documents written almost at the same time which, as I re-read them again today, I'll decide if I'll post them here or not.
Anyway, this is the first one.

Mars' Day, Octuber 13, 1999

It's some what strange. I've written diaries before, even in english, but never in HTML and prepared to be posted online.

It's not that I'm affraid or "uneasy" with beeing exposed online; I am what I am and some part can and probabilly will be seen and other won't... What I am is not only what I write but what I write is part of what I am.
I'm only founding quite "interesting" what I've been thinking latelly... The idea of exposing part of myself to a wider "audience" has been growing and a long dorment seed seams to be re-borning again.

I have no dought that it has been influenced by a number of things I've been reading latelly; I do not pretend to be "Like a Rock" like Paul Simon says, and certeinelly I'm influenced somehow by my surroundings.
But I think that mostelly it has been here all along and it's only showing up again.

The time available for it is not very much and most probabilly it won't be done daily. It will have to be done whenever time is left for it. And most probabily it will cover my R&D field in first place. It can certainlly be usefull there and I think I will be able to find some time to make it there.
It will grow with time and no one can tell now whether it will live or die throughout the time. Well, we shall see it, won't we?.

So, I'll mark this day: Wendesday, 13 Octuber, 1999 by 5h00 AM.

I don't even know, right now, if this will ever be posted online or not but if it is, it will be done just the way it is written right now.
Honesty must be a corner stone if one pretends to do and build anything. And I'll keep up to it!

I have to go now as I still have work to be done here.
I had to write this; it's not fancy neither worked out... It's not literary nor noveled... It's just a palin text, like many other I've written troughout the already 34 years of my life.
Once again, I'm doing it in a diferente medium but I am the same and I think and feal as allways did - to be honest with ourselves we must be honest in what we think, do and write.

Good night to all, whoever you are and wherever you are!

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