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Another of the scary tests.....
Here is an image (a flash file, to be more exactly...).
I did put the URL into the browser and while trying to see what was wrong with the image it just came from nowhere....
I did jump on my chair as I'm with the headset and, thus, the sound is quite loud!

Go and see for yourselves, if you want so, but don't blame on me for the jump!

See you all latter!

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You don't have permission to access /files/whatswrong.swf on this server."


Good luck with your boy, Antonio...Kids can be so trying sometimes. My 2 year old girl gets mad sometimes too and just explodes, so I understand.

Re: 403 Forbidden

Ocasional outburst are normal and necessary at his age.
Doing it almost everyday (when he dosen't, it's realy the exception) is what is making it more dificult....

The truth is that as it comes, it goes (for him) but unfortunelly that's only for him as the other persons arround will take a lot more time to return to normal!

Its tyring and I just hope that he learns quickly that, by that way, is going nowhere!....

...is the key and I can tell from your journal that you have plenty. =) He'll grow out of it when he realizes that it's not an effective way to get the things he wants...it's just waiting for that to happen that is hard on the parents. =)

Ok, so they block REFERERs from livejournal (probably from other sites, too...)

But the last link seems to work. In the midle of their page there is a link to the image.

hehe...very funny! And yes, it DID scare me! =)

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