António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

It's already 4 years and counting...

Last Tuesday it was my eldest son's 4th birthday.

It has been 4 years of almost a daily struggle to teach him new things (he always wants to learn but can't concentrate enough for a long time...) and to behave.
All this is many times harder as he is very strong willed and very stubborn.

But, anyway, I don't think I can't complain; I always smile when I see him learning something new, although many days we come out, at the end of the day, quite exhausted.

Soon (I home) he will go to school and that will be useful as he needs to play with other children, to learn how to behave with others.

Happily, my youngest is much, much quitter, so I think that if we mix them and divide it into equal parts, we'll have them properly dosed!... :-)))

Soon enough I'll have to start the bed time routines; so, we'll meet again, tomorrow, here in LJ land!

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