António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Once again I'm picking up a comment and reposting it here as it ended up to be more a Journal entry than just a simple comment....
Is this becomming a trend?... Well, we will see

One of the rare times I remeber of acting under an impulse was when I bought Nero Wolf on a pet's shop...

You see, our cat (Charlie Brown - a yellow/light brown tabby male cat) had jumped from our 1st flour window to go into the world searching for female cats, I believe....
He was very gentle but took advantage of a high van parked on the street, under the window, to risk the jump.
And we never saw him again.

And then we were at the shop and I went to see the cats. One of them, a black 2 months old european cat, got me almost "hypnotised"....
He camed to me and "grabbed" me and I think that I "grabbed" him also.
Well some time latter I came out from the shop with the cat and a big, big problem to solve as the decision was only mine...

But, beeing a small little guy, he soon was named and start to catch and win our hearts.
And did.
I only remember this now as some time ago he also went out and never came back....

Looking it now, of course it was an impulse. But I think that even if he isn't with us no longer, it was worth to have known him and had been (at least as long we lived together) his friend...

I think that our heart many times sees farther than our eyes or our mind. It doesn't mean that everything might become possible nor that will;
But, firmlly believing that everything has it's reason -- even when we don't understand it -- I think that such impulses do have their place as well.
It's our task, I think, to try to understand what they mean and their reason and that we might become more and more capable of having just the ones that can be used to improve ours and the lives of those arrond us in this spaceship here known as Earth....

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