António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

A new day, a new dawn.....

The new server is already connected in it's place although a lot of configuration is still undone.
But I'll do it from here, throughout the day.

Something I discovered last monday is that the damage done to pegassus was to delete almost all the /etc directory!
Anyway, I have no doubts that this new machine is going to be attacked as well, so if it stands up withou being breched, it is a good sign.
Lets see how everything goes.

The good point with this is that I'm learning a lot; the disadvantage is that I have to spend an amount of time reparing and reinstalling compromised servers.

The configuration will be, on pegassus, quite sensitive, as any touch at any unintended place will ban that address from reaching it but, for the moment, thaat's how it will be.
Eventually, I hope the frequency of the attacks will go lower and I'll be able to breath more.

Well, let's see how it goes.

On the other "front", my eldest son is being quite a task.
He is about to be 4 and seams that now he hit the "authority negation phase" with all his strength....
I still have an advantage into the argumentation but he is getting better.... :-))))

The rule, I keep saying to myself, is:

What you say and use can and will be used against you!

But it is tiring, though. I just hope he will grow-up out of it soon as its quite hard to be holding an argument almost for anything....
If someone just says yes and agrees with everything, then everything goes well, but then the damages that would be being done on the long end would be unacceptable.
So, the only thing I can do right now is to "play by the music" trying to keep it on the "tracks" and trying to avoid it to become just noise....

Anyway, I wish a very good day tou you all, here on LJ land, as I'm about to go to lunch...

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