António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I'm leaving for today....

Well, I'm leaving the office for today and going home.

This has been a day where some of my goals have been acomplished and others haven't.
I just hope that this weekend I'll be able to do everything I'm planning but I'll report on that on next monday.

Next monday I'll be here, working. Only Tuesday I won't.
I expect to have the new server ready by then so that I'll be able to close the present hole in the existing servers.
I'll be replacing 2 computers by one, for the moment (responding as 4 diferent machines) and only latter I'll replace it by more and divide it's contents for the others. I think this will be the easiest way to go, right now.

And I already have green light for the development of a set of tools to handle the logs of the servers and store them in a SQL database. This, when complete, will haelp me a lot in handling the logs in a effective way, without loosing data.

Well, I do wish you all a very good rest of day and I hope we'll meet here, again, in LJ land....

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